After the successes achieved in 2018 and 2020, Vimar was once again confirmed this year at one of the most prestigious international design events, the Iconic Award, which it was awarded. three times. The German Design Council, which organized the competition, rewarded three of the closest devices Vimar has produced: the Eikon Tactil touch thermostat, the smart thermostat and the built-in voice assistant. .

Eikon Tactil thermostat

The Eikon Tactil Touch Thermostat, made of glass, available in white and diamond black, is equipped with a proximity sensor that turns on the RGB LED matrix display as soon as you get close to the device. The new 3D gesture function allows you to control it with a simple gesture without touching. Available with By-me Plus and KNX technology, it integrates seamlessly with Vimar building automation systems and gives a unique touch to a home or a hotel, to better contribute to the comfort of the home. roof in the family.

Roller thermostat

Simplicity and elegance mark the personality of the new smart thermostat. Designed to be used by anyone, the connected thermostat combines the simplicity of control with the precision of an LED matrix display. Unique, ergonomic design meets specific usage requirements. Since the screen is easily visible from a distance, and the brightness can be adjusted to 3 different levels, until it is turned off, such as when installed in a bedroom. There is also a backlight with 8 customizable colors to indicate operating status. Available in two colors: white and gray – it blends easily with any style by adapting to the Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea house lines.

Three important awards confirm Vimar to become the ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, with outstanding design and quality.