Beta glucan has a chemical structure consisting of a chain of sugar molecules (D-glucose), linked together by Beta-glycoside bonds. This is a natural active ingredient commonly found in yeast.

Since the 1980s, beta glucan has been well known for its role as a biological responder in treatment regimens for cancer patients. However, scientific studies have demonstrated that beta-1,3/1.6-D-glucan is the active ingredient with higher biological activity than other forms of beta glucan. This is a highly appreciated form of beta glucan that strengthens the immune system for cancer patients.

Beta-1,3/1.6-D-glucan helps strengthen the immune system for cancer patients



The effects of beta glucan have been proven by more than 170,000 studies and experiments by scientists over many decades. According to Professor Vaclav Vetvicka (President of the International Association for Glucan Research): “Only beta-1,3/1.6-D-glucan with high purity and potent activity has many important effects on body, while poorly isolated Beta glucans have only normal biological properties.

Beta glucan activates, increases the number of immune cells and supports immune cells to become healthy, smarter in recognizing and destroying harmful factors, producing essential cytokines to activate the entire immune system.

Specifically, when introduced into the body, beta glucan enhances immunity by activating Macrophage macrophage cells, doubling their number in 24 hours. Macrophage is a type of white blood cell that is responsible for a variety of protective and immune-boosting effects and produces optimal responses against harmful factors to the body. This is a type of cells involved in natural immunity, they “swallow” foreign elements that are harmful to the body and destroy them.

Macrophages also make chemicals that activate other types of immune cells to focus on defending the body. Macrophages also induce growth factors in cells to promote tissue repair. Macrophages are involved in daily detoxification, improving gut microbiota, fighting infections, fighting tumors and protecting general health.

Beta glucan boosts immunity


Not only has the effect of enhancing immune function, a few other studies also show that beta glucan has the ability to stimulate certain cells and proteins to fight and kill cancer cells such as T lymphocytes, NK cells, … In addition, there are also a few animal studies showing that: Beta glucan has the ability to reduce the size of tumors as well as prevent cancer cells from spreading to other tissues and organs of the body.



Currently, the application of immune-boosting beta glucan in cancer treatment is increasingly popular in many countries around the world. To obtain beta glucan from yeast, high concentrations of alkalis and acids are commonly used. Although this method is easy to implement, it affects the obtained beta glucan structure, produces some by-products and has large residues of harmful chemicals, causing environmental pollution.

In order to overcome the above disadvantages, Vietnam Biochemistry Technology Joint Stock Company (BCC) actively cooperated with scientists at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to study and extract Beta-1 active ingredient. ,3/1.6-D-Glucan purified over 80% from yeast by biological method – an active ingredient against the growth of cancer cells as well as anti-inflammatory through its ability to strengthen and stimulate the immune system. like the immune system.

The extraction process of active ingredient Beta-1,3/1.6-D-Glucan is carried out by biological method with outstanding advantages to help stabilize the active ingredient structure to the maximum, without by-products, without causing harmful effects. chemical residues and ensure environmental hygiene during and after production.

From this project, beta-1,3/1.6 D-glucan has been deployed and produced by BCC Pharma on a pharmaceutical industrial scale. With modern machinery system, GMP standard factory, the company has launched a line of cancer treatment support products including ISA with high content of 320 mg, specifically for cancer patients in the early stage. active treatment phase and BG Plus with beta-glucan 120 mg in combination with cordyceps for cancer patients in the conservation and recovery period after treatment.

ISA, BG Plus product set contains beta glucan to enhance immunity for cancer patients


The introduction of products like ISA, BG Plus containing immune-boosting beta glucan is a new step forward for Vietnamese medicine, igniting trust and great hope to help cancer patients overcome physical pain. , help the patient’s body to recover damaged healthy cells, increase natural immunity to fight unwanted effects such as weakened immune system, weight loss, hair loss, loss of appetite, destroy healthy cells of the patient. body caused by chemotherapy – radiotherapy.