Special complex for intensive skin resurfacing


Nescens's Commitment:

- Special treatment intensively in exfoliating, helping to absorb sebum and detoxify deep under the skin, resurfacing the skin surface to become visibly smooth, firm, even and radiant.

- Ideal for oily, combination and inflamed skin.

Benefits of using:

– Provides the ability to smooth and renew skin tissues. Highly effective in skin restoration.

– Rapidly increase cell turnover and synthesis of molecular components, improve the mechanical properties of tissues (elasticity, firmness).

– Improves the properties of the skin barrier and increases the skin's resistance to environmental influences.

– Reduces the effects of sun-induced aging through antioxidant activity and skin lightening.


Biological peels are recommended once or twice a week, preferably at night. How often to use this product depends on your skin condition:

- In case of thin skin, there are signs of premature aging: 1 time / week.

- In case of thick skin, with obvious signs of aging: 2 times / week. This specific product can cause redness due to irritation of the tiny microvessels under the skin. In order for the skin to adapt well, the first time should be left for 2 minutes before washing the face again with warm water, then gradually increase the time for the following times. Note that the longest time is 15 minutes.

Avoid applying around the eyes and mouth, in these two areas you can apply the product 3-Step Bio-Regenerating Seed Gel for the face.