Skin resurfacing cream – Full body


Nescens's Commitment:

  Roughness is visibly reduced after just a few applications. Skin becomes fresh again, feeling soft, smooth and firm. 

Benefits of using:

- Restore the connection of intercellular substances, the mechanical and mechanical substances of the epidermis.

- Helps to overcome skin peeling problems.

- Restores the function of the skin barrier and increases its resistance to negative environmental factors.

- Keeps moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis and enhances the action of the skin's natural moisturizing factors.


- Use daily in the morning and evening. Apply all over the body, focusing on dry areas such as arms, thighs, legs...  

- If used in combination with  Anti-Skin Slackening Complex - Body  , use this product on dry skin first and then use the product. Lifting cream for sagging, sagging skin.