Multi-Purpose Bead Gel Deep Cleansing and Toxin Removal – Face and Body


Based on "super cell cleansing" technology, it can be used conveniently for both face and body, transforming and replacing skin's surface.

Nescens's Commitment:

Awakens skin's radiance, ideal for oily, combination and inflamed skin, enlarged, exposed pores, uneven skin texture.

Benefits of using:

- Frees the epidermis from impurities without altering the natural hydrolipid balance in the skin.

- Prevents the process of defatting and drying out cells.

- Delicately exfoliates without the high acidity of conventional peels , improves skin's texture and appearance (gloss, enlarged and exposed pores, uneven skin texture) evenness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation).

- Helps to rebalance the pH of the skin which tends to become alkaline with age.

- Neutralizes free radicals because of the skin aging process, making the skin bright and radiant.

- Multi-Purpose Bead Gel is recommended daily in the shower, to deeply cleanse the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and toxins.


- For face and body use, massage onto cleansed, wet skin.

- When in contact with water, the gel containing antioxidant green microparticles will turn into a creamy foam helping to deep clean, leaving the skin fresh and smooth.

- Gently massage in circular motions and rinse with warm water.

- When in contact with the skin surface, the green microparticles containing essential vitamins will break down, disperse, penetrate quickly and help the skin become white, bright, radiant and healthy.