Metabolic Activator Toner – Face


Nescens's Commitment:

   Helps to tighten pores and smooth skin texture for smoother skin.

Benefits of using:

- Stimulates the metabolic functions of cells, promotes the natural exfoliation of the epidermis.

- Supports the penetration of active ingredients, retains water molecules in the stratum corneum and restores the natural moisture barrier and pH of the skin.

- Has anti-inflammatory properties, astringent pores, anti-inflammatory for acne-prone skin, reducing skin irritation.

- Removes dirt left over from the cleaning phase and neutralizes hard water residues that dry out the skin.


- Use daily in the morning and evening after cleansing and before serum to balance skin, optimize penetration and effectiveness of specific treatment products. 

- Spray twice the toner product into the palm of your hand and then pat gently onto cleansed and dry face and neck. 

- Massage evenly to enhance the penetration of the product.