Hand Skin Repair Cream


Prevents and corrects the appearance of age-related changes in the tissues of the hands such as: dryness and roughness, wrinkles, age spots.

Nescens's Commitment:

- Lipids are replenished, leaving skin soft, firm and smooth. Preserve the youthful look of your hands.

Benefits of using:

- Improve the function of the skin barrier, increase the skin's resistance.

- Activates the renewal of structural proteins, stimulates the skin's natural growth factors.

- Provides deep and long-lasting moisture, prevents skin dryness.

- Corrects pigmentary defects characteristic of aging skin.


- Use daily in the morning and evening on cleansed and dry hands.

- Press the pump nozzle 3 times to get the right amount of product and rub in a gentle motion from wrist to fingertips.

- Finish with a gentle pat to help the cream penetrate deeper. During the day, reapply after each hand wash.

- For age spots caused by aging over time or by the sun, you can use a special serum to treat melasma and freckles on these areas.