Gel cream lifts, rejuvenates and regenerates the skin quickly – Full body


Nescens's Commitment:

  Helps restore the signs of youth of skin tissues: elasticity, firmness, softness, smoothness and radiance. 

Benefits of using:

- Restores physiological tension of tissues and improves firmness.

- Strengthens the regenerative mechanism of extracellular matrix components - collagen, elastin, glycoaminnoglycans - which are extremely important for a firm and elastic skin.

- Promotes natural exfoliation and eliminates roughness of the epidermis. 

- Restores moisture and lipids in the stratum corneum, maintaining a soft and comfortable skin.

- Prevents and corrects pigmentation problems associated with photo-aging for a perfectly even skin tone.


- Use daily in the morning and evening. 

- Rub over entire body in gentle upward motions.

- This product is especially effective for areas prone to sagging such as the neck and underarms.

- The product has a good effect on women in preventing and treating stretch marks and sagging abdominal skin before and after childbirth. 

- Treatment of body skin conditions such as sagging, atrophy, dehydration, roughness and darkening. 

- For dry and flaky areas (arms, thighs, legs, etc.), apply  PHA Resurfacing Emulsion – Body  on dry areas first and then use this product. to the rest of the regions.