3-Step Bio-Refreshing Seed Gel – Face


Nescens's Commitment:

Gentle exfoliation helps to cleanse, while soothing and softening.

Benefits of using:

- Deep clean and remove impurities.

- Stimulates cell renewal and improves the mechanical properties of skin tissue (softness, firmness, brightness and even tone).

- Increases the amount of skin tissue and helps increase resistance to external bad agents.

- Smooth the skin surface, remove roughness and fade dark spots.


- 3-level bio-exfoliation is recommended 1-2 times per week.

- It is recommended to use this product after cleansing, toner, before serum and moisturizing steps to optimize effectiveness of skin care products.

- Apply a thin layer about the size of a pea onto damp skin (face and neck) that has been washed with gel and toner, avoiding the eye area.

- Gently massage in a circular motion (mechanical action level 1 of exfoliation).

- Leave for 5 minutes to promote the activity of levels 2 and 3 (biomimetic and enzyme).

- Wash your face and neck with warm water.