2-phase multi-purpose makeup remover – Eyes and lips


Nescens's Commitment:

  This is a multi-purpose makeup remover that not only helps to clean the skin but also provides nutrients to help with strong anti-oxidants, helps stimulate new skin regeneration, and nourishes long, smooth eyelashes.

Benefits of using:

- Thanks to a natural formula based on a temporary phase separation, allowing instant and optimal removal of residual makeup without leaving residue.

- Helps thick, strong, black and curled eyelashes.

- Gentle, non-irritating, even for the most sensitive skin.

- Fights the effects of free radicals - the cause of aging.

- Gentle on the eyes.


- Shake the bottle well until both phases are completely mixed.

- Put an appropriate amount of makeup remover on the cotton pad.

- Use a cotton pad to wipe the makeup to be cleaned, taking care not to rub it vigorously, until the makeup layer is completely gone.