PLANA essential, with verve

Plana, an essential and rigorous design, yet pleasing and sinuous. With Plana, simplicity becomes a lifestyle.

Simplicity as the refined choice, with Plana. Ergonomic design, easy-to-clean materials and a full range of functions. From the switch to the electronic systems, it naturally fits the rhythms of your day. With a taste for beautiful things.
Providing energy, with maximum linearity: the formal rigour of Plana is ideal to naturally enhance any environment, with the combined use of intelligent and intuitive technologies. A modern and essential design with a strong character revealed in a versatile range of colours and materials for any combination.



An essential, universal and linear design

Solutions with a strong formal balance, ideal for those seeking a minimalist style.

Simple lines, even in the keys, for endless colour combinations. Plana is formal simplicity and colour variety, with four materials available. To enhance the only style we truly care about: Yours.


The harmony of PLANA and PLANA Silver

Delicate in white, elegant in glossy Silver, the Plana keys are perfectly coordinated with any cover plate finish, perfectly meeting all installation requirements and adapting to various environments. Maximum functionality combined with a flawless appearance.

Plana e Plana Silver | placche elettriche per interruttori Vimar


Installazione modulare Plana Vimar

Modular solutions

Elegant, versatile, cosmopolitan

The wide range in terms of modularity makes Plana a real passepartout to satisfy any installation requirements both in Italy and abroad. From the most widely used 1, 2 or 3 module cover plates to the capacious 21-module or multi-module cover plaques with different types of distance between centres, Plana is always at the forefront with its all-around Italian-made style.


International solutions

Large, complete, global

Plana offers all the main socket outlets used in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, covering an extremely extensive installation range in compliance with the applicable electrical standards.

Standard internazionali Plana Vimar