Epoxy casting low voltage current transformer is a device used to convert high value alternating current into value suitable for electrical measuring instruments and protective equipment in low voltage grid (up to 1.2kV). ) . Low voltage current transformers have high features and reliability, are manufactured on modern technological lines and equipment, quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2015, precision grade according to international standards IEC 60044- 1, IEC61869-2 and TCVN 7697-1.


    • The corrugated iron core is made of high quality silicon corrugated iron with orientation, high permeability, low loss.
    • High quality smooth cord wrap. Working temperature up to 155°C.
    • The corrugated iron core and coil are covered with epoxy to ensure high insulation, good moisture resistance.
    • Number of current transformer ratio 1÷2.
    • Plastic or Epoxy outer sheath ensures insulation between secondary winding and primary winding (Cable or busbar).
    • Wide window, easy to thread cables or busbars.
    • The transformer ratio can be changed by varying the number of turns of the primary winding.
    • Terminal with PC Cover and Lead Screw.
    • Steel base with 2 holes for easy installation.
    • Use indoors or outdoors.
    • Pay attention to the polarity when wiring.
    • To prevent danger, the secondary circuit of the Current Transformer must always be connected to the load or short circuit.


    • Model: CT0.6 (Nominal voltage ≤ 600V) CT1 (Nominal voltage 720 ÷1000V).
    • Measurement accuracy class: 0.5 or 1.
    • Highest voltage (Umax): 1.2kV.
    • Nominal frequency (fn): 50Hz.
    • Nominal capacity: 2.5÷30VA.
    • Rated primary current (In): 50 ÷5000A.
    • Rated secondary current (Ib): 5A or 1A.
    • Thermal current (Ith): 60÷80 In/s.
    • Dynamic Current (Idyn): 2.5 Ith.
    • Insulation test: 3kV/min.
    • Pulse voltage test (1.2/50µs): 6kV.
    • Continuous overload current: 1.2 In.
    • Working temperature: 0 ÷50°C.
    • Limit of temperature rise: 60°C.
    • Relative humidity max: 95%.