Transformer products are manufactured and tested according to TCVN 6306-1: 2015 (IEC 60076-1: 2011) and the latest regulations of EVN. The main materials constituting the product include: Silicon sheet originating from Japan and Korea; soft-wire/copper paper-coated M1; insulating oils from Belgium, India, Korea, Malaysia; voltage regulator from Italy; paper insulation source: Germany, Sweden; circuit from cross-cutting and punch-cutting on the G7 corrugated board; The wiring harness is constructed on specialized equipment; The machine’s intestines are vacuum-dried.

Types of 3 phase distribution transformers:

   – Open-type transformers, closed-type transformers, oil-immersed intermediate transformers, dry-type transformers, no-load regulated voltage class 35/0.4; 22/0.4; 35/22/0.4; 10/0.4kV.

   – Tested to the specified standards for the type of transformer.

   – The product has been supplied to power units and put into operation safely on the power grid.