General information:

  • Power supply transformer PT35-1HODxS insulated with high breakdown voltage, has very good mechanical and electrical properties, the product is designed to suit tropical weather conditions and heavily polluted environments.
  • Power supply transformer PT35-1HODxS is designed with one or two ratios, the ratio can be changed by changing the connection of the secondary side.
  • Power transformer PT35-1HODxS supplies low voltage power to Recloser or other equipment. The power supply transformer can be installed in any position by the four bolts that snap into the four holes in the base.
  • The transformer outputs attached to the body are protected by a covered terminal block and lead screw.


  • Voltage level… 35kV.
  • Rated primary voltage… 35; 35(22); 38; 38 5 … kV.
  • Rated secondary voltage… 100; 110; 120; 220; 230; 240…V.
  • Rated frequency…50Hz.
  • Voltage transformers are designed and manufactured according to IEC60076-1 standard; IEC60076-3; IEC 60044-2; IEC 61869-3; TCVN 6306-1; TCVN 6306-3; TCVN 7697-2.