A transformer is an electrical device that transforms the voltage of an alternating current from one level to another. Hermetic transformer is a distribution transformer with input voltage of 35kV, 22kV, 10kV, output voltage of 0.4kV, immersed in standard insulating oil.

The product is manufactured and tested according to TCVN 6306-1: 2015 (IEC 60076-1: 2011) and TCVN 8525: 2015. Main materials constituting the product include: Silica sheet of Japanese and Korean origin; soft-wire/copper paper-coated M1; insulating oil from Swedish, Indian, and Malaysian firms; voltage regulator from Italy; paper insulation source: Germany, Sweden; circuit from cross-cutting and punch-cutting on the G7 corrugated board; The wiring harness is constructed on specialized equipment; The machine’s intestines are vacuum-dried.