Eikon four-dimensional luxury and technology

Eleganceexcellencevalue: there’s no such thing as a single idea of luxury. It is a world of many interpretations that is constantly evolving. And if we’re talking about energy, this world is Eikon. Here every idea of luxury finds its ideal expression: technological, chic, sophisticated, essential. Four product lines with different design, dimensions, finishing and functions, but sharing one common denominator: controlling energy superlatively.

Công tắc



Natural, prized materials, selected specifically to express an unmistakable textured effect that defines the identity and personality of every environment.

From the essence of Exé, Flat and Vintage are born, two new stylistic lines which propose a comeback to traditional silhouettes and to linear and modern shapes.



The future takes shape. A technological jewel as pure as a diamond, as light as a feather. To transform your everyday gestures into exceptional moments.

  • Love at first touch
  • Sensitive to your presence
  • Preciously transparent



Luxury is unveiled. A celebration of sculptural beauty, exquisite finishing and functional elegance. Transmitting unprecedented charisma and allure to any room.

  • Impercetible in profile 
  • Majestic geometries 
  • Original materials 



It’s all in the details. A new definition of style where the details take centre stage. To stand out without being over-the-top.

  • Recognisable at a glance 
  • Perfect in two shapes
  • Eclectic in materials