Home automation systems allow communication between all electronic devices. If it is open to the KNX standard, it allows interoperability with thousands of products from different companies that comply with this international standard.

    The same device can manage different functions: the motion sensor can turn on a light or alert an intruder, depending on the time and purpose for which it is programmed.


     Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can instantly operate on different functions, test and manage many functions remotely.  Then you can also get a report if your alarm goes off or your desired climate setting when you return home.

User-friendly interface

    Promises efficient and simple management of residence systems as they can be controlled by a single point. Simplify dialogue with all devices, managed by a central monitoring point , like a video touchscreen. Thanks to intuitive interfaces, home automation is within everyone’s reach.

Energy saving

     Integration in home automation systems – climate and lighting control allows optimizing energy consumption.

Functional flexibility and scalability

     You can change the functionality of the system at any time without additional constructions and realize the system with basic functions and then add some more later.

Easy to install

     Everything becomes easier, even the management. It is easy to programmatically close the blinds or turn off all lights.