General information:

    • The CT35-2CxIxC current transformer is vacuum-molded with Huntsman epoxy resin system with very good mechanical and electrical properties, withstands sudden temperature changes, and withstands the effects of long-term breakdown voltages. .
    • The CT35-2CxIxC current transformers are designed with one or more ratios, which can be changed by connecting the secondary side.
    • There are 2 secondary windings. The secondary winding is used for measurement or protection purposes. To prevent danger, the secondary circuit of the Current Transformer must always be connected to the load or short circuit. One terminal of the secondary winding shall be grounded during operation.
    • The current transformer can be installed in any position by the four bolts that go into the four holes on the base. The base is made of steel, the structure is solid and galvanized, withstands wet environments…
    • The outputs of the current transformers are molded to the body, the terminal cover has a cover and the sealing position.


    • Voltage level… 35(35-40.5)kV.
    • Rated primary current…5; ten; 15; 20; 25; 30; 40; 50; 60; 75; 100; 150; 200; 250; 300; 400; 500; 600; 750; 800; 1000; 1200A…
    • Rated secondary current…5A; 1A.
    • Rated frequency…50Hz.
    • Current transformers are designed and manufactured according to IEC 60044-1; IEC 61869-2; TCVN 7697-1.