Arké lives in your time.

A new way of living household energy. With all the quality expected from Italian-made goods. Designed in the present for the future, Arké is the Vimar solution to today’s needs: a simple yet current and long-lasting object that offers a concrete, intelligent contribution to our daily lives, with home automation that simplifies home management while optimising consumption.


Design: simple lines, contemporary style.

But, today more than yesterday, we feel the need to be less fickle, and more concrete.
We surround ourselves with simple, current and long-lasting objects, like Arké: designed in the present, for the future.

  • Large proportions.
    Large sized surfaces that underline shapes and materials.
  • Two designs.
    Arké Classic: rigorous and linear. Arké Round: soft and sinuous.
  • Convex buttons.
    A pleasant feeling ergonomic shape, only slightly perceptible to the eye, accompanies the controls. 
  • Finishes and colours.
    Materials selected to last, colours chosen in harmony with contemporary style.


Arké appears

Two designs inspired by the principle of simplicity: the cover plates are divested of all superfluous decoration defining a new energy model.

  • Arké Classic: rational shape, linear profile and clean corners.
  • Arké Round: sinuous surface, slightly curved with soft corners.


Arké changes

Two button and control versions: the natural elegance of anthracite grey and the luminous soberness of white. Arké can be dressed in the colours that best suit your home, with no limits to the possible combinations, for an integral or two-tone look.